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2019 DXHIVE Vanity Retreats are not to be missed if you want to make your social media feed scream for years to come and have a unique experience. We are about to smash the world of retreats, break the regular boring vacations mold, you will put other phone selfies to shame, a SPA will be a thing of the past, you will enjoy a unique experience, it is all about you, your looks, having fun, and your social media account! DXHIVE is redefining vacations and retreats, time for a change and getting off the beaten paths. 

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Imagine an amazingly gorgeous location for photoshoots, a Eco village right on the beach, outdoor activities, complementary luxury Korean beauty products, all-inclusive, complementary wine and champagne when you are up to it, professional photoshoot sessions everyday in different unique locations with a professional photographer at your service, a small quaint coastal village with the freedom to express yourself, and more. We will post our retreat programs and dates soon.

 To add to the fun, all our retreat guests will be entertained with a friendly Instagram photo contest with prizes to win for the guests with the most likes on their pictures taken during the retreat.  More to come on the contest soon.

Stay tuned for more info soon. Are you ready to make your social media feed scream!!!!!!!

 You will come back home with 100's of glamorous shots in various beautiful locations. You will be able to drip your social media feeds with your shots for months to come!

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 to that?

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