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DXHIVE coworking

DXHIVE Free Coworking with us and Culture Immersion - Coming in 2020!


Are you a talented freelancer or entrepreneur tired of working alone from home looking for a change and inspiration? Are you ready to explore a new world? Ready to immerse yourself in a new culture? Welcome to DXHIVE in Sofia, Bulgaria!

In line with our spirit to share expertise and create synergy we have decided to open our working space to 2 talented freelancers or entrepreneurs, an opportunity for coworking for free in our space located downtown Sofia near the court house. At DXHIVE we strongly believe in and support opportunities to share knowledge coworking with digital and fashion oriented talents, sharing complementary skills to achieve higher goals. 

Our core team expertise:

  • Technology
  • Ecommerce
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Startups
  • Women fashion, beauty, and health and fitness

A bit about who you will be rubbing elbows with:

Thierry: DXHIVE Founder, a brand revolving around exotic products for women: beauty product, fashion, health and fitness, and other revolving services. Originally French Thierry spend his career consulting technology for large corps and startups in the USA. We incubated DXHIVE in Cyprus, just relocated the brand to Sofia. Why the relocation? To scale-up! With this coworking idea we are also piloting a bigger concept topped with a spirit that can be found on our main webpage www.dxhive.com If you can not find Thierry at the space try Pulse Fitness or any outdoor sport venues. 

Svetoslav: Svet, as his friends call him, likes to regard himself as the Copywriting Titan. Besides admirable copywriting results he brings to his clients from arround the globe, he's passionate about health, marketing, and working out. If Svet is not writing copy, you can find him doing push-ups in public spaces. Svet's website: https://copywritingtitan.com

Elena: DXHIVE Co-Founder, from Moscow passionate about fashion and beauty products. Sourcing our brands.

And.... the rest of team, our brand ambassadors. Our team is multilingual and from all over the world. 

What else?

Apart from a great location downtown, energy, spirit, creativity, entrepreneurship skills, and more… you will find in our space: a coworking table, comfy chairs, ultra-fast internet, a printer, A/V equipment, white boards to brainstorm, and more. Our studio is cozily located downstairs from our boutique, with room for 2 additional guests. And we don’t mind sharing our tools! Learning is an on-going process we also have access to various training platforms and thinking about dedicating an evening once a week to attend on-line training as a group and increase our knowledge. Sharing knowledge lunch sessions once in a while will not be a bad idea as well. 

Whom we are interested in having in our space?

We prefer to share our space with talented freelancers or entrepreneurs in the digital and creative space, as well as PR & advertising, influencers, ambassadors, commercial movie making, women fashion and beauty, health and fitness, commercial fashion photography. However, we are always open to other revolving expertise. You MUST be trustworthy, fun to be around, with a drive to succeed, an appetite to get to the next level with their venture, have a spirit and energy.


The space will be finished end of January,  we are ready to connect with you now, explore a relationship, and select our 2 guest coworkers. 

How to apply to be considered for a free coworking spot:

Shoot us a message at thierry@dxhive.com, along with a biography, a link to your social media page. In the email, also tell us about your passions, and any other pertinent information that differentiates you from others. 

In need of a place to stay in Sofia during your stay?

We recommend our friend Georgi's amazing apartments located right above our Boutique, you will be living in the center of all happening spots in Sofia:

Alexandra's City Center Apartment I 

Alexandra's City Center Apartment II

Alexandra's Large Apartment 

Need more info on Bulgaria?

Then it is time to read Svet's amazing guide: 166 Bulgaria Travel Tips: The Ultimate Guide.

Also checkout this NTripping Sofia guide: here

This is an amazing opportunity to expand your horizon while having fun! 

Let's crush 2020 together!

- The DXHIVE team

Добре дошли в София, България!

DXHIVE coworking


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