The 10 Best Tips to Crush 2020 as a Freelancer

Author: Svetoslav Dimitrov

The 10 Best Tips to Crush 2020 as a Freelancer

We’re already knee-deep in the New Year. Seeing others already crushing it might be quite daunting for you if you’re flying solo.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve been distracted, overwhelmed, and even depressed.

Since I don’t want you to ever feel this burden, I compiled a list of 10 powerful tips to crush 2020 as a freelancer. Even one of them is enough to bring you progress and momentum, but if you combine them, you’re up for a riveting success! Here they are:

1. Focus on one thing at a time.

We’ve all been there – working on a dozen things, trying to do as much as possible, and not seeing any considerable progress.

    Here’s why: The less focused you're, the less progress you'll make. The best thing you can do is to finish one project and then move to another. Once you’ve made one thing a success, only then take up another one.

    2. Choose a few social media.

    Similar to #1, if you spread yourself thin on several social media, you're highly unlikely to advance.

    Don’t listen to people like Gary Vee (he’s a cool dude, no doubt) who tell you to be omnipresent. He can do it because he has a team of dozen or more people supporting him. Richard Branson and Tim Ferris post everywhere like maniacs on steroids, but they rarely respond to comments, making them unreachable. When you’re starting out, it’s crucial to interact with your audience to build a relationship and trust.

    Thus, I’d suggest you to start with a couple of social media channels and crush it there.

    If your ideal clients mainly lurk in the depths of Facebook and Instagram, create content only for them. If they spend all their time on YouTube and Vimeo, go for those. The more focused, the better.


    3. Ask for advance payments.

    You know how frustrating it could be when clients protract their payments, coming up with a million excuses, including [insert incredibly silly reason here].

    To avoid any gut-wrenching situations and dodge the so-called “freelance scam”, make sure you always ask for advance payments from clients.

    Here’s how I do it:

    • 100% upfront if the project is between $500 and $1,000,
    • 50% upfront for any project over $1,000.
    • I don't take on projects that are less than $500.

    Safeguard your work with a freelance contract if needs be, but don’t let anyone undermine your efforts. I’m speaking from a bitter experience.

    4. Help people for free.

    Providing a tonne of free value and offering freebies helps you build authority, rapport, and trust.

    You can do this in the form of:

    • Ask me anything (AMA) threads – one of the best ways to demonstrate your knowledge
    • FREE PDFs – don’t forget to collect emails to build up your list
    • Training sessions in your group on Facebook or LinkedIn

    Bear in mind to always have a clear CTA – whether that’s working with you, booking a discovery call, or a link to one of your paid services/products.

    5. Spend time offline.

    Take a break from the online world once in a while. Attend networking events where your target audience hangs out. But don’t only go to meetings where you dominate the group.

    Visit meetups with folks that are already successful – establish connections with them and learn from them. That’s how you grow. Your future freelance business will be very grateful!

    And don’t forget to save some time for your friends and family, too.



    6. Reward yourself and be grateful.

    Pamper yourself. Reward yourself for your achievements. Small or big – they’re a step closer to the summit. Be grateful for what you have, express your gratitude every day, and stop worrying about what you don’t have.

    Break long runs into smaller chunks and celebrate each milestone.

    I have a favorite word, which fits perfectly here – mollycoddle, which means “to treat with an excessive or absurd degree of indulgence and attention”.  When you reap big wins, motivate yourself with delectable wine, fine caviar, a Thai massage, or buy your favorite Christian Louboutin pair of shoes.

    Be grateful for what you have, but don’t miss a moment to indulge yourself. You deserve it.

    7. Be consistent.

    Don’t be like the majority of people who make goals, begin really strong, working towards ‘em goals every day, but then slowly start losing momentum. If you wanna reach your goals, you can't let inconsistency stop you.

    Here’s how to do it:

    Create a schedule and stick to it. Regardless of whether a daily planner, a scheduling app, or the ol’ school wall calendar, devote an hour a day or a few hours a week to tasks that will help you crush your goals. Once you get into the routine of following your schedule, it will become really easy.


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    8. Look after your health.

    There are enough unhealthy entrepreneurs. You can't run your biz properly if you're always sick, depressed, or burned out.

    A healthy lifestyle includes:

    • Getting enough sleep. Strive for 7:30-8 hours a night and take power naps.
    • Eating healthy food. Mineral- and vitamin-rich food boosts your immune system, which lets you to be on top of your entrepreneurial game.
    • Exercising regularly. Be that exercises for abs, street fitness, or even a 5-minute home workout, regular exercises help immensely.
    • Having fun. Treat everything you do with a fun notion, laugh a lot, and enjoy yourself as much as possible. You never know what will happen tomorrow.

    9. Escape the entourage trap.

    If you only seek like-minded individuals and co-dependency in relationships, you’ll end up lagging behind. If you really want to expand your horizons, surround yourself with people that have a different mindset. You learn from them, they learn from you, and this often leads to new business opportunities.


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    10. Challenge yourself.

    You can’t grow if you don’t challenge yourself often. Leave that cosy zone of comfort, set some exhilarating yet achievable challenges in your life, and go after them with all the passion you have. You’ll either earn or learn, which is a win-win situation.

    Don’t forget to keep track of your progress, and reward yourself for each win (see #6) 

    Here’s a bonus tip if you’ve come this far:

    11. Learn persuasion.

    If you really want to crush it in business, learn how to persuade people. Think about what triggers them and what makes them emotional, and use those triggers in the way you talk offline and communicate online.

    Congratulations! You’re already closer to making your business goals a success in 2019. Now, start acting, plan your goals carefully, and work towards realizing them. These 10 tips will help you crush goals and anything you come up with will be easily accomplished. Don’t just read your 2020 horoscope, act – that’s the key to getting the results you want.


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