Getting Close and Personal with ANAS Crystalcare Brand: Meet Anas Putriss the Founder, the Innovator Behind the Crystal Quartz and Volcanic Water Fusion.

Author: The DXHIVE Team

Getting Close and Personal with ANAS Crystalcare Brand: Meet Anas Putriss the Founder, the Innovator Behind the Crystal Quartz and Volcanic Water Fusion.

When we discovered ANAS Crystalcare line the DXHIVE Team went “WOW!”, then we reached out to the founder, Mr. Anas Putriss, setup a Skype meeting call, and during the meeting we went “WOW!” again. Within 2 minutes into the call we felt like we knew each other for the past decade. Anas is an amazing person, loaded with charisma, friendly, reachable, with a passion for his brand, an innovator, topped with a rich cultural background, and someone you enjoy listening to and enjoy being around. For the DXHIVE Team it was an instant match: spirit, soul, personality, innovation, and a holistic approach to skin care. We had to carry ANAS Crystalcare line!  


ANAS Crystal Quartz

Anas Putriss, just like some of us, decided after a successful career in the corporate world to leave the corporate world and to follow his passion for holistic skincare. His background in finance provided Anas with a pragmatic and scientific approach to holistic skin care while surrounding himself with scientists to develop his innovating new brand. 

Now let the DXHIVE team move in the background to let you discover the ANAS brand with the words of the founder, Anas Putriss, we know you will enjoy them as much as we did!

Meet Anas Putriss!

 Anas Putriss, ANAS Crystalcare,

Behind ANAS there is Anas

“A warm welcome to ANAS Crystalcare! My name is Anas Putriss. I am a young entrepreneur from Amsterdam and ANAS Crystalcare is a dream come true for me. I was born in Iraq and I have been living in The Netherlands since I was 9 years old. I have experienced peace and love in my new home. It is also a place that has given me many chances. My parents gave me the name Anas, which means a person who brings you joy and peace of mind, and who removes your fears and worries.

I wanted to start my own company for a while, but a trip to Uruguay in 2012 gave me the inspiration and confidence to finally go for it. During a hike I met a local business woman who manufactured cosmetics from her home. She invited me to visit her house and I was intoxicated by all the wonderful smells. It was there and then that I fell deeply in love with cosmetics. I knew that this was what I wanted to do. That spark kept me awake all night!

 This chance encounter felt like a signal from the universe to take the next step and follow my heart. When I got back to The Netherlands I decided to start my own brand of skincare products and ANAS was born!” – Anas Putriss, owner and founder of ANAS Crystalcare


 crystal healing

We give a new meaning to Crystal

 ANAS Crystalcare is a special Dutch skincare brand which combines the science behind Crystals with the spiritual aspects these gems are known for. We are the very first company to use a pure piece of Crystal in the heart of all our products.

For centuries Crystals have been used in rituals all over the world to purify body and mind. The vibrations of these precious gems protect you and give a burst of energy to your daily life.

Our products connect your inner world (the soul) to your outer shell (the body). When both aspects are in harmony your skin will shine and you will experience a feeling of deep inner peace. In that way we give a new meaning to Crystals. It is our mission to let everyone experience the power found in this gift we received from nature.

ANAS is a high quality and innovative holistic skincare brand. Our unique products are made from rich oils and minerals. Through our patented technology all ingredients work together harmoniously making sure the Crystal continuously releases its nourishing minerals (patent number: 20180100358). Your skin will be cleansed, energized and silky soft.




 Greece is the birthplace of our civilization. It is an honor for us that our products are developed and produced in this magnificent country in cooperation with contemporary Greek talent. The development of ANAS skincare products lies in the hands of two renowned scientists. The research into the function and application of Crystal is done by Dr. I. Mourtzinos. Chemist K. Vassilou is the brilliant mind behind the ANAS formulas. Both are successful scientists who have left their mark on the Greek cosmetics industry.




We source our Crystal Quartz from the unique and beautiful island of Madagascar, one of the largest source of pure and high-quality Crystals in the world. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and having developed in isolation the island is famous for its unique wildlife and a wealth of quality natural resources in a still untouched natural environment, Mother Nature's work at its finest.


 France thermal


It would be hard not to associate France with innovation in skincare and beauty products. For me it was not the usual tourist attraction in Paris or the French Riviera that brought me to France, but the search for high quality Volcanic Water which led me to the Auvergne region in France, and specifically the town of La Bourboule.  Auvergne is home of a chain of extinct volcanoes and thermal spring producing high quality volcanic water we use in our product. Thermal springs in the region are known in Europe for their healing properties. The task of acquiring volcanic water in La Bourboule was not an easy one as the water sources and their known healing power are more protected than a NASA top secret invention, however a challenge well worth it to provide our customers with the best of the best and the most efficient! 


red dot award packaging

Red Dot Design Award

 Not just our ingredients are unique. Our packaging also leaves a lasting impression with customers and professionals alike. All packaging for ANAS skincare products is designed by Spyros Grammenos. In 2019 we received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the category ‘best packaging’ which made us immensely proud!



Back to nature

All of us are important and vital parts of Mother Earth. Our very existence is dependent on the well being of the world we live on. This is why ANAS Crystalcare only uses Crystal from sustainable mines and ingredients that have been ethically sourced.

Making cosmetics unfortunately always damages the environment. That is why ANAS gives back 7% of its profit to nature. We support initiatives that focus on recycling plastic(s) and the restoration of the environment. We do this through our very own foundation: the ANAS Movement.

“I want everyone to profit from my products: the customer, nature and the people I work with. My name is my brand and this is the ideology on which I run my company.”

- Anas Putriss, owner and founder ANAS Crystalcare


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