The Best Supplements To Keep You Young, Beautiful, And Radiant

Author: Elena Coridon-Jeremie

The Best Supplements To Keep You Young, Beautiful, And Radiant

Nowadays, most woman strive to look young with good skin and a beautiful slim body, and we all do!

That is why she tries to lead a sporty lifestyle and adheres to proper nutrition. She experiments with different types of diets or skin care regiment and devotes time to keeping her skin smooth and her body in shape. But sometimes the result she is expecting does not always work out.

There are several reasons why all this hard work doesn’t show the expected results.  One of them being that a restricted diet for weight loss if not done carefully, can lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals, amino acids and other elements that are important to nourish our bodies.  When these are lacking the result can be dull skin color, hair loss, fragile nails together with mood changes, including anxiety and nervousness which can lead to depression.


 The best supplement to keep you young

In order to avoid or minimize these problems DXHIVE has introduced a beauty stack developed in collaboration with Scitec. The ideal solution for women who want to restore the body and maintain beauty and youth from within. Scitec brand is considered one of the world leaders in sport nutrition. The quality of all Scitec products is apex, the composition and ingredients delivery to your system is the results of years of research and testing. In addition, Scitec is known for producing delicious flavors and great tasting products.

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The Women Beauty Essential Stack includes 6 of the most powerful products on the market for women:

  •   Liquid Collagen with B6
  •   Vitamin C 1000+Bioflavonoids
  •   Vitamin E 400
  •   DIET Protein
  •   Gold Standard Curcuminoids
  •   Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

This is a must to include in your beauty routine to keep you radiant and young-looking! Prevent aging by nourishing your body with key anti-aging ingredients, beauty is promoted from the inside not only from the outside.

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Liquid Collagen

Liquid Collagen

Collagen is a common protein that is naturally produced by our body, but its quality and quantity decrease as women reach 25 to 30 years of age. After 30 the body does not synthesize it on its own triggering the aging process. Lack of collagen can result in sagging and wrinkled skin, brittle nails and hair, painful joints, fragile bones and tired muscles. 

But thanks to Scitec Liquid Collagen, the aging process can slow down. A additional perk using Liquid Collagen it is a natural: weight loss, sleep helper, endurance, and even good digestion supplement.

The good news, collagen daily level can be maintained in the body using Scitec collagen in liquid form. If you want to maintain the elasticity of your skin for years, which is 80% collagen, you just found the right product!  In general, we take the optimal Liquid Collagen with B6 for 3 months and then taking a break for 3 months. The effect may not show immediately, it all depends on your aging condition. Collagen tends to accumulate and, on average, its effect is noticeable after 3-4 weeks. Collagen in liquid form is considered the best as it is quickly absorbed by our bodies.


Scitec Liquid Collagen tastes good and does not contain allergens. A balanced composition, improved formula with amino acids to promote the regeneration and cells development throughout the body, giving the cell a new life and protecting them from aging. With added B6 vitamin will increase the energy exchange between nutrients and cells, and normal protein and glycogen metabolism.

Thanks to its liquid form, Collagen Liquid is absorbed by the body in the shortest possible time and revitalizes all the cells of your skin, nails, hair, cartilage, tendons and joints, which makes them more resistant to aging.

Collagen for women can be especially relevant when losing weight. When used correctly, it helps to lose a few extra pounds due to the acceleration of metabolism. By taking 1 tbsp. of the supplement every day, you can reduce weight by as much as 4.5 kg in 3 months!! As you can read, the effect of collagen  on the body is more than just anti-aging.

For maximum results it is best taken with vitamin C as this helps with better collagen absorption.

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 Vitamin C 1000+Bioflavonoids


Vitamin C is perhaps the most popular vitamin known to man. It is consumed daily in supplement form by millions of people around the world who know its benefit. Vitamin C has powerful antioxidant properties that are well described in medical research. Vitamin C also supports the immune system. Vitamin C is essential for the growth and restoration of almost all tissues of our body. With an insufficient intake of vitamin C, collagen synthesis is reduced - a protein that is used in the formation of connective tissues, hair and blood vessels. Vitamin C has a beneficial effect on the liver as it helps fight toxins by stimulating the production of detoxifying enzymes. Studies suggest that the human body cannot sustain itself properly without vitamin C.

If for a long period the body's need for vitamin C is not replenished, the body immune system starts to fail. This makes the body defenseless when exposed to viruses. However, as soon as we begin to raise the amount of vitamin C to the point of saturation, the body's strength and vitality are restored.

The body uses all vitamins to fight diseases.  When this happens, the body will use far greater amounts of Vitamin C than it usually carries when the person is healthy. For this reason, it is important to keep your body replenished.

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For a reason unknown to science, vitamin C cannot accumulate in the body!The level of vitamin C in the body is variable. In the morning it may be enough, but by lunchtime, it’s not enough. A few minutes of strong emotions.. stress, fear, anger - “burn” + 2000-3000 mg of vitamin C!

Vitamin C not only affects the health of our body as a whole but also increases life expectancy since without it, connective tissues are not created or healed. Without Vitamin C in the body, metabolism and detox processes are impossible. Under the influence of Vitamin C, the integrity and strength of blood vessels increases, it protects the body from infections by blocking toxic substances in the blood. Without it, it is impossible to protect yourself from the common cold,viruses, heart attack, cancer, old age.

The more a person consumes protein, fats, carbohydrates, the more vitamin C is needed. The body needs a regular and constant supply of Vitamin C.

Most people don’t eat the right products to keep their supply of vitamin C replenished. If you are not getting healthy supplies of vitamin C, then for you there is a solution in the form of our supplement Scitec Nutrition C1000 + Bioflavonoid, which is the source of four wonderful ingredients: Vitamin C, rosehip, grape seed extract and hesperidin to keep your body at maxiumum performance.

C-1000 with Bioflavonoids: provides a powerful dose of vitamin C mixed with bioflavonoids, which help the body to better absorb and use vitamin C.
The formula provides 1000 mg of vitamin C. In addition to the several known beneficial effects of vitamin C, we emphasize that it contributes to the normal function of the immune system, reduces fatigue, normalizes energy metabolism and protects cells from oxidative stress.

  • Rosehips are widely used in traditional medicine.
  • Grape seed polyphenols have great antioxidant properties!
  • Hesperidin helps protect the body from damage by free radicals.

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 Another important Vitamin is E!


Scitec Nutrition's Vitamin E 400 ME is a pure, high-quality source of healing vitamins for everyone, and in particular for women involved in sports as part of a sports nutrition diet.

Getting a well-balanced dosage of our special supplement Vitamin E which is endowed with powerful antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties, is extremely beneficial for the body during physical exhaustion. Vitamin E is also associated with participation in the natural production of hormones, ensuring the efficient functioning of the muscles. It is must if you are a smoker, since smocking drastically decreases your system vitamin E level, smokers should double the daily dose.

Science has proven taking vitamin E has an exceptionally positive effect on the reproductive system, normalizing blood pressure and strengthening capillaries. Vitamin E benefits for skin and hair health are undeniable! Vitamin E is able to slow down the aging process by protecting cells from damage by free radicals.

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  Miracle Scitec Diet Protein!


Scitec Diet Protein is the best-ever diet nutritional ingredients!

Diet Protein is ideal for anyone who is looking to up their daily intake of whey protein while following a low-fat, low-carb diet. Scitec Nutrition's powder. For women who want to lose weight, Scitec Diet Protein is quite capable of providing effective assistance in weight loss while maintaining the key additional ingredients flowing in the body. The fact is proteins are not stored as reserves in the female body in the form of fat. Scitec Diet Protein even starts the process of fat burning. In addition, when using foods rich in protein, there is no sharp increase in blood glucose levels, preventing these ups and downs during the day.

How else can a good protein help a woman’s body? If you are actively involved in sports, protein will protect your muscles from deterioration. After training aimed at body shaping and weight loss, it is much easier and faster to recover with protein in the diet than without it. In addition, protein supplements suppress the appetite well. A tasty helper in the fight for an athletic figure!

Perfectly eliminates cravings for sweets this magical drink will make it easier not to break off your diet. Scitec Diet Protein is also good for soemeone who has a hard time digesting lactose thanks to the added lactase enzyme.

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 Gold Standard Curcuminoids


Turmeric is one of the most prized plants! Its isolated active ingredients - curcumininoids - are among the most appreciated natural substances. The CURCUMIN C3® complex is the "golden standard" among Turmeric extracts, because it contains up to 95% curcuminoids and is a patented raw material.

Turmeric extract is one of the oldest medicinal products that has been used in Asia for many centuries. It has been proven that it has a positive effect on the liver, protects against toxins, and also helps with hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis and other disorders of the liver.

Gold Standard Curcuminoids is the latest development related to turmeric extracts. This is a unique vitamin-mineral complex based on curcumin - a natural immunostimulant and activator of metabolic processes, which will become an indispensable tool during the loss of extra pounds.

Curcumin, tumeric

Curcumin’s ability to ‘purify the blood’ helps release the accumulation of toxins, which in turn clears up many skin conditions, like dullness, unevenness of the skin, rashes, eczema, and aging.

Effects of taking the Curcominoids: 

  • Improved digestion and relieving stomach problems.
  • Reduces the acidity of gastric juice.
  • Reduces cravings for sweets and fats.
  • Has antioxidant activity, helps delay the aging process.
  • Rejuvenates the body.
  • Supports liver function.
  • Helps clear toxins.
  • Helps lower cholesterol.
  • Has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.
  • Your skin will be delighted with curcumin! It works like a detox, improving skin condition.
  • Curcumin increases collagen synthesis.
  • Curcumin also helps block cancer cells and can help in preventing breast cancer.

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  Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids


The popularity of omega-3 fatty acids are so effective its consumption is gradually becoming a norm around the globe. Omega 3 has some of the polyunsaturated fatty acids that are key for proper body functions. Omega-3 acids are important ingredients for new cells production. They also help preventing premature aging and improve hair, skin, and nails condition.

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids can be called the guardians of our youth and beauty. It is scientifically proven when using omega-3 acids, hair loss decreases, nails become stronger, and due to the fact that omega-3 acids retain collagen, the skin retains its elasticity. They also control skin hydration, prevent the occurrence of acne and premature aging of the skin and protect it from the harmful effects of sunlight.

If you are asking why you should take Omega 3, the answer will soon become obvious after taking Scitec Omega 3 supplement!

- Omega-3 acids are also important for joint health. They increase the body's resistance to inflammatory processes and participate in the formation of natural anti-inflammatory substances, thereby reducing the symptoms of inflammation, including arthritis.

- Omega-3 preparations are vital for brain and eye function.

- Omega-3 perfectly stimulates the immune system.

- Fish oil at times increases the body's resistance to infections.

- Omega-3 normalizes the menstrual cycle.

- Regular use of fish oil in postmenopausal women reduces the risk of developing breast cancer by 35%.

 losing weight

Omega 3 losing weight benefits: the inclusion of a sufficient amount of Omega-3 in the diet can help speed up the metabolism. As a result, instead of the accumulation of fats, the oxidation process is activated. It has been found that optimal consumption of Omega-3 in combination with physical activity can help to lose weight. For people who are actively involved in sports, Omega 3s are useful in helping to maintain a stable weight, a beautiful toned body, improve mood and increase stress resistance.

Daily intake of fish oil is an indispensable part of the comprehensive treatment of chronic dermatitis. The use of Omega-3 has been proven to be effective in the treatment of diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, and diathesis.

Your skin becomes beautiful only after the elimination of internal health problems and our supplement stack for women provides you with everything you need to accomplish healthy weight loss, lovely clear skin, anti-aging and a beautiful body.

The DXHIVE Team wishes you health and a long and beautiful life! xoxo

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