Discover An Amazing Free App To Protect Your Health and Fitness While On Medication!

Author: The DXHIVE Team

Discover An Amazing Free App To Protect Your Health and Fitness While On Medication!

Over the past ten years we have been bombarded with health and fitness  applications, most of them more of the same. The value is there or not, however all of them addressing the same common topics. 

Then the DXHIVE Team found one application breaking the mold, a must use for all of us concerned with keeping a healthy and safe lifestyle by addressing a topic that is critical to your health: what drug companies do not tell you but should. And to top it off the application is FREE! Thank you mytavin team!

The application is named: mytavin and can be found here:

The application was developed by a doctor, lets you search a single drug or combinations of drugs and list the associated nutrient deficiencies generated by taking the drug(s)! We all know drug companies disclose side effects, however none of them disclose the nutrient deficiencies associated with taking a specific drug. This is when mytavin comes to the rescue. Not only mytavin list the nutrients deficiencies created by a medication but also the symptoms associated with nutrient deficiencies.

With mytavin application you can now determine which supplements you will need to take to compensate for the deficiency created by a specific drug intake. 

If after using the app you realize you need to take supplements, you know where to find them, here. Stay safe and healthy!

How to use it? Rather simple follow the steps below:

1. Go to the website:


nutrient calculator

 2. In the "Medication Name" field enter the drug name

 drugs vs nutrients

 3. We have used Maalox and could click on "Calculate" for a single search, below we added Aspirin as another drug for a combo nutrient deficiencies search and results.

 weight loss

4. Click on "Calculate", and the results will be displayed in a table format showing you what nutrient deficiencies the combo Maalox and Aspirin will create while taking it.

weight loss

A big thank you to the mytavin team for this wonderful tool! And for all your supplement needs DXHIVE is a proud Scitec Nutrition distributor and reseller, we got you covered! 




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