Ultimate Deep Tan Secret Tips

Author: Thierry Coridon Jeremie

Ultimate Deep Tan Secret Tips

Always wanted that deep tan, bronze golden tones, with surfer highlight in your hair? Here is the DXHIVE secret tips on how to achieve the perfect deep tan and surfer’s highlight in no time. We, the DXHIVE Team, all use this tip with success for a deep long lasting tan. Based on your skin type you will need to first build a base tan using the appropriate SPF for a few days then use our tips, olive complexion or already tanned skin can bypass the buildup stage with SPF sunscreen cream.  However, UV sensitive skins can start the treatment from day one using it on their hair to get that golden blonde surfer highlights.



  1. Get the Santo Volcano Spa Serum. Why? Here it is:

The serum has cosmetic high quality organic argan oil, grapeseed oil, and carrot oil. Right there you have a cocktail of high quality organic oils to nourish your body and accelerate your tan. It won’t leave that heavy greasy film or oily residue that most sunscreen oil have and making you feeling like a Sardine in a can. Your skin will absorb it deep inside and the carrot oil will help activate the bronze effect.  Can’t get any better than that!santo volcano serum

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  1. Get 1 lime or lemon (organic preferably). Squeeze the juice and mix it with the serum inside the bottle, shake it well. It will nourish your skin, accelerate the tanning process and the hair highlighting effect.


  1. On the beach, let the serum warm up a little under the sun. Shake it well, then spray the serum on your body and rub it all over your body. Then spray it on your hair and pass your fingers through your hair. Repeat every 2 hours, yes that simple, Margaritas are optional.


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Don't forget to hydrate throughout the day by drinking water often,  yes Tequila Sunrise is a fluid but does not replace water :). After your shower in the evening use your favorite nourishing cream, lotion, or body butter to nourish your skin. We recommend the ANAS Body Milk to keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, young looking, and repair your skin overnight from sun exposure. Let the crystal and volcanic water do their magic work overnight!

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 Have fun this summer, build memories, and enjoy every moment of it! 

- The DXHIVE Team




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